About me

My name is Cristina Rodrigues. I am an English, French and Spanish translator based in Portugal. With a degree in Translation, my working experience as a translator goes back to 2005 when I started working as a freelance translator for a Portuguese translation agency, after completing a translation internship at the Council of the European Union in Brussels. Since then, I have had the opportunity to translate many different kinds of texts in different areas, specializing in marketing, communication, business and commerce, international development/cooperation, fashion and design, tourism, and education.

With 14 years' experience as a translator, I am still just as passionate about this job and about languages and their interaction as ever.

Key facts/Qualifications and background:

Portuguese native speaker.

B.A. (Honours) in Translation Studies: general, specialized and literary translation.

B.A. (Honours) in Languages.

14 years' experience as a freelance translator.

Competent user of specialist software and skills kept up-to-date through continuous professional development.


CV available upon request.


Volunteer work